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Ideally Sydney but open to location - Executive / Senior Leadership

A seasoned healthcare executive with a robust track record spanning more than two decades, offers a wealth of expertise across various facets of the healthcare industry. Their extensive experience includes leadership roles in hospital management, corporate strategy, and the development of influential relationships with key opinion leaders. They have successfully navigated the complexities of multi-stakeholder management within a global matrix system, demonstrating a keen understanding of P&L management, market penetration, and portfolio optimization. Throughout their career, they've led high-performing sales and marketing teams, consistently exceeding targets. Their leadership style is characterized by authenticity and collaboration, fostering enduring professional relationships in dynamic work environments. Passionate about healthcare, they've consistently delivered results, developed future leaders, and cultivated customer advocacy.

Sydney - Executive / Senior Leadership

A seasoned healthcare leader with over 20 years of experience, they have excelled in various roles across the healthcare industry. Their expertise spans hospital management, corporate leadership, and key opinion leader (KOL) relationship cultivation in specialties such as Urology, General, Gynecology, Cardiac, Neurology and Colorectal amongst others. With a strong focus on P&L management, market penetration, and portfolio optimization, they have led high-performing sales and marketing teams across Australia and New Zealand. Their authentic and collaborative leadership style, coupled with a passion for healthcare, has driven outstanding results, exceeding targets, fostering customer advocacy, and developing future leaders. Would suit a GM, BUD or Sales or Marketing Director position.

Sydney - Senior Leadership

This candidate boasts over two decades of extensive experience in the medical device industry, excelling in roles related to sales, marketing, and business development. They have a proven track record of building and leading high-performing teams, cultivating senior-level corporate relationships, and strategically managing growth opportunities. With a strong interest in innovative technologies, digital healthcare, and value-based healthcare solutions, they bring valuable insights into medical device commercialization and digital strategy. Proficient in CRM systems, including, and adept at crafting innovation strategies, this candidate is well-prepared for roles that combine MedTech expertise with business development and digital health components.

Melbourne - Senior Leadership

An experienced and successful leader that has consistently demonstrated a proven track record of exceeding business objectives by effectively guiding, organising, and inspiring high-performance teams. With more than 10 years extensive sales and leadership management experience within the Medical Device and Healthcare industry, this candidate has develop a wide range of functional specialisations. These include P&L management, revenue generation and growth strategies, customer acquisition plans, precise customer targeting and segmentation, the creation of effective selling frameworks, lead generation strategies, nurturing critical relationships with peak bodies, and the skilful management of key stakeholders, both internally and externally. This candidates professional objective is to join a progressive and innovative company where they can actively contribute to achieving the business objectives. Additionally, their aim is to have a positive influence on the company's culture, fostering an environment that cultivates a winning team spirit.

Melbourne - Senior Leadership

Dynamic and forward thinking professional with a strong background in senior leadership within the medical devices industry. Experience in the APAC region provides valuable insights and market knowledge. Proven track record of driving growth, improving profitability, fostering strategic partnerships and achieving outstanding results. Consistently demonstrates the ability to develop and execute comprehensive commercial strategies, in alignment with global objectives. Dedicated to providing strategic leadership and direction to the organisation to gain competitive advantage and achieve substantial market share and growth. Recognises the value of understanding customers and their needs. Committed to maintaining a solid understanding of key customers ensuring that expectations are exceeded. Possesses a keen awareness of external factors that impact businesses such as competitors, government initiatives and legislation and is well prepared to navigate the challenges. Excellent communication and presentation skills, combined with a can do attitude and enthusiasm have consistently inspired, coached and motivated teams to execute against stretch targets.

Sydney - Senior HR

Experienced HR Business partner. Strong business partnering and relationship building skills. Skilled in turnaround, mergers and setting strategy and bringing relevant stakeholders along the journey. Upskills and develops talent for future and succession pipelining. Excellent balance between organisational responsibility and people, team and their needs.

Sydney - Senior Product Manager

This candidate is an accomplished professional in product management, they are seeking an opportunity as a Senior Product Manager to leverage their extensive experience in managing Over-the-Counter (OTC) products and products targeted towards healthcare professionals, including doctors. With over 15 years of expertise, this candidate excels in product lifecycle management, trend forecasting, and competitive market analysis. Having spent over a decade in the Pharmaceuticals industry, they successfully led OTC portfolio management, consumer healthcare products, medical devices, and OTC prescription products. This candidates achievements include substantial sales growth, innovative sales and doctor detailing strategies, and introducing brand marketing into new markets. Recognized as the Marketer of the Year in 2021 and 2022, this candidate is now poised to contribute their strategic insights and industry prowess into a new role.

Melbourne - Territory Manager Orthopeadics

A passionate healthcare professional who seamlessly transitioned from a rewarding career as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist to the dynamic industry of orthopedic medical devices. With over seven years of hands-on experience, their journey has been marked by a true dedication to providing optimal patient outcomes. Their knack for clear communication, time management, and problem-solving shines through, whether liaising with surgeons, managing product ranges, or independently steering their territory to remarkable growth—a testament to their self-driven learning and sales prowess. As a Territory Manager, their strategic relationships and engaging marketing strategies led to a notable growth in the hip product range. Their clinical expertise, honed as a physiotherapist, coupled with a customer-centric approach in sales, reflect a unique blend of skills, enabling them to excel in nurturing relationships, meeting targets, and ensuring top-notch care. This candidate’s journey embodies a commitment to learning, delivering results, and building meaningful connections that drive growth in Joint Replacement sales.

Sydney - Associate Territory Manager

This candidate has significant nursing experience within the incredibly fast pace setting of the ICU. They have recently made the move over to the medical device industry and is performing very well in an Account Manager position within the critical care setting. Their passion lies in the ICU environment where they are able to have a direct impact on some of the lives of the most vulnerable patients. This candidate is an amiable, hardworking and charismatic individual who very much enjoys uncovering the issues that their clients face and being able to provide the perfect solution for them and their patients. They want to progress their career within the critical care setting, if you are looking for someone with extensive knowledge of this space, who loves to be a true sales partner to your clients, then please reach out.

Perth - Clinical Specialist

This candidates career blends their Osteopathy background with a thriving trajectory in the medical device industry. Transitioning from clinical practice, they excelled as a Sales Solution Specialist, efficiently managing inventories and ensuring optimal device utilization in surgical environments. Their expertise extended into supporting healthcare stakeholders, providing technical assistance, and aiding during surgical procedures. Subsequently, as an Associate Product Specialist, they drove sales and offered pivotal support across urology and gastrointestinal portfolios, reinforcing their proficiency in supporting in theatre cases. With a foundation in Osteopathy, this candidate ventured into sports training and podiatry, showcasing adaptability and a commitment to leveraging anatomical knowledge for superior patient outcomes. Their career trajectory reflects a dedication to enhancing medical device utilization in surgical settings, all while prioritizing patient care and maintaining clinical excellence.

Sydney - Clinical Specialist

This candidate is an experienced private practice Physiotherapist who is looking to make the transition into an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist role. Alongside being a busy private practice physio they also make the time to be involved in high level sport providing in game assistance to players and guidance to the coach on injury or potential injury issues. They are incredibly driven to achieve the highest results possible and thrive in situations where they have to make critical decisions in high pressure environments. This person is very collaborative and loves to be apart of a high functioning team. Anyone looking for a Clinical Specialist in Sydney, please reach out as this candidate is looking to transition now and will not be on the market for long.

Perth - Clinical Support

Experience within general surgery and orthopaedics. Provided in-theatre and technical support, conducted training for staff, and played a key role in account conversions. Their career journey has been marked by a commitment to driving double-digit sales growth, fostering key opinion leader relationships, and contributing to impactful product launches. This candidate is keen to pursue clinical support positions to leverage their existing skills and healthcare expertise.

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